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Eryn's TU-8340VK with Lundahl

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Yes.. Eryn You are the first girl to finish this amp... I am proud of you!!

Hi Victor,

I installed the opt last night, I've only spent a short listening to them but I can tell they are amazing. Compare to the original opt, these are like another level. Music, especially vocals sounds much more refined, clearer and delicate... seems lift a veil from the stock opt. I can hear more details and its really quite, virtually noiseless.

Thanks for letting me know this opt. I really enjoy this amp. Btw, I attached some pic for you. I added a bit braid and a claw washer for each M4-6 screws.


 photo 20170105_082347_zpse390etnh.jpg

 photo 20170105_082257_zpsaxgljeqi.jpg

 photo 20161226_235415_zpstxvcawcu.jpg

 photo 20161226_235211_zpskemnddlx.jpg

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