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1. What you can post:
You can post anything relevant to the world of audio, music, video and home theater.  Remember to place your message in the correct forum area; that way it is more likely to attract the attention of someone knowledgeable in the subject.
2. What you can't post:
A. No copyrighted or trademarked material:
You can't post copyrighted material or a reproduction of registered trade/service marks without permission from the author or owner. For example, this means that, without prior permission, you may not post a verbatim copy of an equipment review from an audio magazine or e-zine, or an image of a manufacturer's trademarked logo.

B. No defamatory statements:
Defamatory statements are, for example, statements that contain certain kinds of untrue factual information about a person or a company that is derogatory. It's okay to say that the Belchfire amplifier sounds "flat and uninvolving." It's not okay to say that the amplifier doesn't meet its published specifications, unless you back the statement up with proof. Likewise, it's not okay to accuse a person or company of being dishonest, committing fraud, etc.
As a general rule, avoid repeating vague and unsubstantiated rumors about someone or some company. Stick to your experiences and your opinions, based on what you know not what you have heard on the grapevine.
C. No flames, personal attacks or contentious off-topic comments: The idea is to make this a pleasant environment to discuss audio, not a schoolyard, or name-calling and rock-throwing festival.
D. No advertising, of either personal or business nature. There are other sites for this purpose.
E. We welcome the participation of industry members: manufacturers, dealers, designers, engineers, musicians, producers, 'zine publishers, 'zine writers, everybody. But, we have a special set of rules that we would like industry members to follow. If you are in that group, please review those rules.

F. Watch your language. With the exception of the "Outside" forum, the Asylum is not a home for potty-mouths. Foul, offensive, or crude language is not welcome. Also, although it is not required, most posts are in English. Inmates who are native English speakers should remember that for many other inmates, English is a second language.
Allow for the possibility of misunderstandings, and be patient if someone asks for an explanation of what seems to be obvious.
Even native English speakers have expressions that are unique to a particular English-speaking country. For example, "hi-fi kit" in the US is a piece of equipment that the user must assemble from component parts. In the UK, the term seems to refer to any hi-fi equipment, whether assembled or not.
G. Debate about audio, even when heated, is encouraged. This is not about censorship. However, while we do not and cannot police every post, we will delete posts coming to our attention that we believe violate these rules.
Occasionally, someone will complain to us about a particular post, make various threats and so on because he/she or his/her business is offended. While we believe that the Asylum has no legal responsibility for the content of inmates' posts, for obvious reasons we'd just as soon not get entangled in lawsuits.
You can do your part in helping us avoid those problems by following these rules. Of course, whether the Asylum is liable or not; if, in a post here, you violate someone's copyright or trademark, or defame someone, you can be liable to that person.
H. DBT-free zones: In the interest of harmony, certain areas (Cables) have been designated as DBT-free zones. Discussion of DBT and ABX, either for or against, is strictly prohibited in these areas. A DBT-free zone notice is posted at the top of these forums.
I. Posting the same message to multiple boards is not allowed. Please pick the most appropiate forum for your message. Do not post the same message on several boards. Duplicate posts will be deleted.
Use of Monikers/Posting Names:
You may call yourself anything you like. Monikers are allowed.
You don't have to use your real name. You must be consistent and use only one name.
You can not post under other's names. One of the values that drove the founding of this forum is consistency. Generally speaking, people like to know who is giving advice. Using the same name over time builds credibility and allows people to better evaluate the relative merits of each poster's contributions relative to system context, preferences, biases, etc.
Cool It/Banning Policy (Three strikes and you're out for good):
While all are welcome at the Asylum, abuse of the rules will not be tolerated.
Consistent abusers will be banned from the site.
Offenders will be issued an official warning with a "COOL IT" post by one of the moderators. This means that all comments on the thread are to stop. Participants that ignore this warning will be subject to a 7 day ban from the Asylum. If this "COOL IT" post is persistently ignored on three different occasions, then the offender(s) will be permanently banned.

When two or more inmates (registered or otherwise) choose to engage in what the Bored perceives to be a counterproductive and escalating conflict (remember that conflicts can be good for all concerned - when managed well), the inmates involved will be given a "time out" from participation at the Asylum. These inmates will then be required to mediate their dispute as outlined in our Keeping the Fun and Harmony at AA alive policy.
Who we are/Weasel Words:
A. The Asylum is a semi-public forum, open to all, but subject to control of the moderators and administrators.
B. The Asylum is not a publisher; we do not screen posts before they are available for general viewing. Nor do we scan every posted message to determine whether it should remain available for viewing.
The Asylum does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any post made here and therefore assumes no legal responsibility for any such post.
C. The Asylum does not edit posts. If a post violates the content rules, it will be removed, not edited or otherwise "cleaned up."

However, the Asylum does reserve the right to apply software filters to automatically manage inappropiate terms, links, spam, words, etc.

D. The content of any post is solely the responsibility of the poster, even if that poster is a member of the Bored, an administrator of the Asylum or a moderator of a forum.
The Asylum will cooperate with any valid subpoena or other legal process in supplying copies of posts and any information the Asylum has concerning the identity of a poster, to the extent that such information is not already available to anyone who accesses the AA web site.
E. The Asylum makes no claim of authorship or copyright ownership with respect to any post.
Similarly, by posting, any poster expressly licenses the Asylum or any person subsequently posting on the Asylum, for the use of that post, or any part thereof, on the Asylum, regardless of any other claims of copyright ownership the author of the post may make. In other words, if you have written the Great American Novel (or the Great Australian Novel or some other Great and Valuable literary work) and decide to post it here, by doing so, you have agreed to let AA have it be posted here and to let other inmates copy it, or parts of it, in their posts here as well.
F. The decision of the Bored to delete any post reflects the Bored's view that the deleted post is inconsistent with the overall goals and purposes of the Asylum, and is not a determination that such post is obscene, libelous, or is otherwise in violation of law.
Likewise, the decision of the Bored to ban a poster reflects only the Bored's conclusion that such poster has demonstrated an inability to conduct him/herself in an overall manner consistent with the goals and purposes of the Asylum and is not a determination that such poster has violated any law.
G. Persons or businesses are always free to post a response to any post with which they disagree or which they believe is factually incorrect. The Bored will not entertain a deletion request by anyone claiming to be harmed by mis-statements of fact in a posting unless that person has first posted a response correcting the alleged mis-statement.
Absent such a response being posted, we will assume the complaining party either has no contradictory information or is interested only in causing mischief.
The Bored will consider qualifying requests that a post be deleted upon presentation of credible information tending to show that the post is false in a material respect.
The Bored will not entertain a request that a post containing nothing more than expression of personal opinion be deleted, e.g. "John Doe is a jerk," even if that opinion is highly unfavorable.