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RE: TU-882R Headphone Amp - Possible Mods

Posted by Mike C on April 11, 2016 at 15:29:01:

thanks for the comments. I like Takman carbon film resistors a lot; I'm not sure I can tell much difference if any to Shinkoh which were my resistors of choice until Takman. There are many choices of high end resistors nowadays and I'm sure there are better than Takman; but in general I've rarely found much difference between decent resistors.

Removing R1 and R2; I can't see this as a risk; it's just like the first stage of a preamp and I've never put a resistor in parallel with the pot in this way, never had any problem.

Elna Silmic are indeed fine as cathode bypasses but I can't find them in a suitable voltage rating for PSU use. In my own DIY gear I always use multiple chokes and film/oil caps, by far the best way IMO (if well designed, PSUD is fabulous); I may get round to trying this on the TU one day but the standard PSU is very good.

I can't see any benefit in going above 0.1uF for the coupling cap. I'm using 0.047uF and it seems fine. If you're going to try changing this cap I do very much suggest the Jupiter copper (top of the range).

Thanks for the interest!